How do you run a digital ad campaign that converts? What are some tactics and strategies that help you stand out on Instagram? How do you film yourself to convey your message to your audience? A successful online presence depends on having the right answers to all these questions.

The neon academy is our e-learning platform providing the answers to those questions!

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beginner’s guides


How to get started with re-marketing on Google Ads & Facebook.


Guide that includes everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel.

SEO How-to

Reddit post: 31 things I wish I would have known about SEO when I started out.

Facebook Ads

How to find your competitors Facebook Ads and use them to your advantage.

Social Media Manipulation

A 3-part series on how Social Media algorithms are actively manipulated and the counter-mesaures.

Youtube Promotion

23 approaches to promote your YouTube channel in the right way.

Fake Accounts on Instagram

A 50 minute documentary on how fake accounts dominate Instagram.

Social Media Video Marketing Guide

Detailed and elaborated guide on how to successfully combine Social Media and Video Marketing.

The Facebook Ads Funnel Guide

How to Design a Perfect Facebook Funnel for Your Business.

news & helpful media

The blog around Later’s Instagram App
and Instagram in general

Blog focusing mainly on
advertising topics

Marketing news and articles

Daily news around the Social Media industry

Hubspot’s blog about all things
that are related to marketing

News and articles around search engine optimization


Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

– MUST READ for marketers
– traction channels
– marketing strategy
– great go-to book

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Amazon DE
Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster

– understandable introduction into data-driven mindset
– field examples
– helps to build confidence
– points common mistakes out

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– especially useful for product development
– tool to help you solve your problems
– fortifies points with case studies

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Predictably Irrational

– highlights and explains psychological traps
– thought-provoking
– autonomously self-improve

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Amazon DE

– unorthodox business reading
– light and easy to process yet practical
– anecdotal and informal style

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Amazon DE
Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

– tries to give deeper understanding of human behavior
– use brain shortcuts for your advantage
– content is forever valid

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Amazon DE
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

– focuses on product development
– straight forward and easy to understand

Amazon US
Amazon DE
Crossing the Chasm

– great for start-ups/founders
– build dominance in your niche
– marketing strategy
– step-by-step tips

Amazon US
Amazon DE
Don’t make me think

– web development and usability
– helps you to think like a consumer
– revision of an old book with principles that are still true

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Amazon DE