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helpful tools to build your DAO or community

What is a DAO?

Publishing platform to share, and monetize your texts and thoughts.


Build communities around projects, fund them, and program their spending.


Multisignature wallet running on Ethereum to share and manage collective wallets.


Variety of features to create an all-in-one workspace for you and your team.


Publish your documents and centralize your teams’ knowledge for advanced collaboration.


Build tools to manage your community with a user-friendly & tokenized management system.


Off-chain gasless multi-governance client with easy to verify and hard to contest results.


Coordinape is a scalable & permissionless platform for decentralized operations.


Earning crypto by doing things like making memes, tweeting, creating tutorials, and more.


Create, manage & sell NFT over your own storefront. Generate secret links that only the holders can access.


Keep a reliable record of life experiences with POAP (proof of attendance protocol), in form of NTFs.


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