The online marketing world is a fast-changing environment. New concepts constantly evolve as marketers are always looking for new ways to increase engagement and conversions.

These new ways also open up opportunities for novices. As long as you’re willing to continuously learn and try out new things, you can have a promising career in this particular industry.

Online marketing is a career path that goes against the normal. You don’t need a degree to get started or be successful.

So if you want to improve your skills or if you’re looking to get started with a job in online marketing, pay close attention to the following tips.

Tips on How to Get a Job in Online Marketing

Get some experience as a self-starter

A big advantage you can give yourself over others is to straight-up try out easy tasks and experiment on your own behalf. You could start with owning a blog and trying to grow subscribers from it. You could also start by growing an email list directly.

By the time you successfully achieve any of these, you’d have learned a lot. There is a big chance of you making mistakes, but no one can take the knowledge away from you once you do it right.

And this will go a long way in telling your prospective employer that you’re a problem solver with some practical experience. You would have some tangible experience to bring to the table.

According to Smart Insights, 64% of hiring agencies list problem-solving as a top soft skill when they’re recruiting for digital marketing agencies.

Setting out as a self-starter will help to have some foundational knowledge about the online marketing ecosystem. That’s what the next tip is about.

Take online courses

The importance of online courses can never be overestimated. It can be a paid, extended course on an e-learning platform or on-the-fly videos on YouTube or even TikTok. If you have little or no idea of how to set out in online marketing, you can get lost in the myriad of methods and ways constantly thrown around on the internet. Having a well-structured introductory education on terms, methods, systems, and aspects is crucial to guarantee a good start.

At the moment, we offer a variety of courses around online marketing on, like a total of 13 lessons with the fundamentals of online marketing.


Learn from marketing experts

The online world is changing almost daily. To know what works, you have to be ready to listen to experts as they share the results of their case studies, campaigns, and strategies. Furthermore, staying up to date all by yourself is difficult. Surround yourself with people that have a job in marketing and ask them for their opinions whenever possible.

Additionally, reading blogs, watching YouTube or TikTok videos, and listening to podcasts of experts will open your mind to many insights into the industry.

If you don’t know any marketing experts, start by following other famous experts on social media. Read the articles they share and pay attention to the insights they give. After all, this is an industry of trends, so you need to keep up to date and try to constantly learn from the best.

Get certifications

As much as you don’t need a college degree to get a job in the online marketing world, certifications will increase your employability.

When you take online courses from recognized digital marketing institutions, you’d be issued a certification upon completion. These certifications can weigh heavily on your resumé and can improve your chances to get hired. Having a certificate basically tells an employer that you’re willing to learn on your own.


Internships allow you to learn from professionals in the online marketing world and could open the door to your first job. As an intern, you are most likely working on simple tasks that are part of a larger online marketing campaign. This allows you to watch as live tests, campaigns, tasks are being carried out.

Another advantage is that you learn to work with tools that provide faster and more comprehensive results.

The downside to this is that internship positions are now highly competitive. Many companies handle the internship application process as a full-blown recruitment exercise.

This means that you need something to give you an edge. As an internship applicant,  knowledge of online marketing fundamentals will give you an edge over many others who are just starting.

You can learn this and get certified by the neon academy.

Learn how to use basic online marketing tools

Knowledge is vital in online marketing. You cannot come up with digital marketing campaigns and strategies without having the requisite knowledge. This is why you have to get practical with the tools.

There are several tools that you can try out in online marketing. You can host a website and start experimenting with tools. Some are totally free, some have free versions with options for premium subscriptions, while some are fully premium.

Note that different tools work for different aspects. Yoast SEO and RankMath are SEO tools. You can’t use them for lead generation. This is why you have to know where you’re most interested. To get started, you could have a look at our extensive resource library over here.

This leads us to the next tip:

Know which marketing jobs you are interested in

Online marketing is wide and diverse. There are several niches such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, PPC, content marketing, lead generation, webinar marketing, and several others.

Trying out all these niches before you know what you’re most interested in is most likely going to discourage you. This is where an introductory education to online marketing comes in.

Having an introductory knowledge of the different aspects of reaching prospects online will help you choose the niche(s) of your choice.

Know something about everything

Knowing everything in one niche is great, but in online marketing, even niches aren’t stand-alone and usually connect to other fields.

If you’re a social media marketer, it will help to know the conversion funnel of sending people to blogs and ultimately having them subscribe to newsletters for example. It will also help to know about landing pages and not just how to increase engagement on social media.

A wider encompassing knowledge presents you as a higher talent and great companies are always on the hunt for top talents.


Companies are often faced with a swamp of candidates who hardly qualify for the roles they apply for.

If you take the time and effort to try out these tips, you will stand out among all other applicants. Only a few companies are willing to invest in introductory education. So, if you come off as a problem solver, you’ll make the right fit for the position.

Start your journey to becoming a top talent and a problem solver by taking our introductory course to online marketing here on the neon academy e-learning platform.




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