Our most read article of 2019, “How you can contact Facebook Business Support as a small business,” is back with new information and guidelines to help you get a meaningful answer to your problems faster when it comes to Meta Business Support.

If you are working with Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp as a small business, advertiser, or developer, you probably already wondered: How do I contact Facebook? The reasons for this can be very different:

  • ads might not be delivered properly
  • your profile or page has been disabled without warning
  • your URL was marked as spam.
  • a bug prevented you from doing something

In the following “No-Bullshit” article, we want to provide small businesses and Facebook page owners with a few tips on how and where to contact Meta Business support.


Meta Support Live Chat 🗣️

The good news is, some time ago, Facebook/Meta introduced a direct support chat for “professional” customers. Which you can contact quite easily. But if you are a private user looking for a way to find a direct contact, we have to disappoint you – this feature is not available for you.

Business accounts, however, have two ways to contact Meat support via chat:

Start a live-support chat from the Business Manager

To start a live chat from your Meta business manager, first open your ads manager.

Then, head over to the little question mark (1) in the bottom left corner, which will open the help center on the right side of your screen.

From there, you should see a button that says “contact support team”. In our case, we already opened a case, which is why it says “create new case”(2).

contact meta support via chat

Before the chat opens, you’ll be asked to select your issue and the related asset and once that’s done, a chat window with the Meta support should appear.

Start a live-support chat from the Help Center

The second method is via the form to start a live-support chat on the official Meta Business Help Center.
👉 facebook.com/business/help/support

As long as you are properly logged in to your business account, the landing page will look similar to this:

After scrolling down a bit you will find a list of all ad accounts and profiles your business manager is connected to. Additionally, there is a search function if you can’t find the profile that has a problem.

Now select the affected account here. Fill in the information and details of your problem on the next page. Once you have filled in everything, you will see how the “Start Chat” on the bottom right becomes clickable. In addition, you will be shown an approximate waiting time, which in most cases will be adhered to.

And that’s it. Now a messenger chat is opened with the Meta Support, where you can write and attach files as usual.


Start a live-support chat from Business Suite

If, for some reason, you are unable to proceed via the Business Help Center, you can also initiate the Live Chat via your Meta Business Suite. The easiest way to access the Business Suite is to go to the Facebook page and click on the “Business App” button in the settings on the left.

Once you are in the Business Suite, click on Help at the bottom left and then on Help again in the submenu.

A new menu will open on the right that allows you to select topics or provide information and start a chat, similar to the Help Center. Keep in mind that this is the same feature, so it makes no sense to send the same support request to both places.


☝️ Reminder: Unfortunately, the operators of this support chat are most of the time only able to help you with very basic issues. Recovering hacked or disabled business accounts, resetting passwords, reset requests or problems with your pages, for example.
If your problem is more sophisticated, you can only hope that they will be able to redirect you to the right department or person – which will vary based on your issue.


Meta Business Help 🙋‍♀️

The official help page of Facebook offers, besides the live chat, classic help pages in the style of FAQs. Here you will find a number of common topics and how to approach the solution to different problems. Often they will lead you to a form that you have to fill out & send in.

To save you some time, we have already gathered the most frequently searched forms and listed them below. However, the list is not complete. If your request is not included, please check the Meta Business Help Center again to see if there is a suitable form. Just keep in mind that this is not a direct interaction. No one can tell you how long it will take for someone to contact you after the form has been sent in.

Also, you have to be prepared that you will get prefabricated email templates as an answer. The only thing that helps is to be stubborn and insist on manual processing.

Meta Forms 📝

Ads support


Copyright and Trademark Support


Cryptocurrency Products


Payments Support


Private Account support


Verification Badge


The Facebook Debugger

If you want to double-check what Facebook currently sees for your URLs, you can use the Facebook Debugger to analyze your links. This is especially helpful if one of your URLs got blocked.


Community Help 🤝

Alternatively (and this is not applicable in most of the urgent problems or bugs), you can search Facebook groups or forums for people who have had similar problems and exchange solutions with them.

However, we don’t recommend posting about complex problems of bugs in Facebook Help Communities! The community will not be able to solve these for you. And in the worst case, you release sensitive data and information.


Last resort: Lawyer ⚖️

Now, this paragraph is to be taken with a grain of salt, but here’s a real-world example: Our own marketing toolbox neontools.io was mistakenly blacklisted by Facebook shortly after its launch – without giving us any reason or troubleshooting possibility, we tried every possible free step to get help. It looked bad – no answer at all from Facebook business support. A number of people reached out to us saying they experienced the same issue.

After week-long and almost daily attempts to reach a person with the authority to help actually us, we turned to our last resort: a lawyer. You can call it a coincidence, but less than a week after sending out a designated letter that formally requested clarification on our issue, all our domains suddenly worked again.


Conclusion 🤔

If you are looking for support from Meta, you are going to need a lot of patience. Even if you spend thousands of Euros on their platform. You might have to repeatedly explain your problem to different support agents. Agents that will send you generic copy-paste support responses. And all you can do is hope that they are going to submit your request to Meta.

Quite frankly, being in touch with Meta Business support can be a frustrating and unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, there is not really a way around it, but if you know which door to knock on and, most importantly, if you manage your expectations towards their support, it can save you a lot of time and frustration.


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