Introducing ‘Post Automator’: An AI-powered media automation tool that enables unprecedented efficiency for social media creators and small businesses.

Neon Internet announced today the launch of an innovative addition to their platform: a new tool called Post Automator. This new digital tool transforms the way social media accounts are managed by automating time-consuming tasks like writing captions, researching hashtags, and scheduling posts on users’ feeds at optimal times.

“Post Automator represents the direction we believe future media will move towards to: full automation. The role of social media managers will change because of artificial intelligence. With Post Automator, we automate all the mundane tasks so that account managers can focus on creating outstanding content,” said Misch Strotz, Neon Internet’s CEO.


Neontools Post Automator – User Interface

A paradigm shift for small businesses and social media managers

Post Automator creates Instagram posts in 15 seconds, according to Misch Strotz. The tool analyzes the uploaded images, generates suitable captions and hashtags, and schedules the posts on users’ Instagram feeds based on a predefined schedule, such as once per day. Users can also edit captions if they’re not satisfied with the AI-generated suggestions.

“The trend for social media is clear: More content! To keep up with the vast amount of AI-generated media flooding the internet, social media managers need tools that optimize their time efficiently. Post Automator is the solution,” said Karim Youssef, co-founder and CMO of Neon Internet.

“Post Automator is also perfect for creators who want to share their AI-generated images with an audience without spending time coming up with new captions and hashtags.”


Pricing & Availability

Post Automator is available for free and worldwide now. For $15, users can upgrade their plans and schedule up to 50 posts per month. Post Automator can be accessed through the Neontools platform on or directly via

“Neon Internet is dedicated to empowering digital professionals with the tools they need to achieve their goals. Post Automator is another commitment from us to digital marketers and creators who want to share their work online,” said Misch Strotz, Co-Founder & CEO of Neon Internet.


FAQs and Guide

If you have further questions on how the Post Automator works and what it does, check out this guide that focuses solely on the new tool and should answer most of your questions: How to use the Post Automator.

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