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Frequently Asked Questions

To search for something specific hit CTRL+F or CMD+F.


I am not receiving emails from neontools.

Please check your Junk, Spam, Social, Promotional, or alternative folders. If you found the email in one of those folders, mark the email as “not spam” and additionally you can also save to your contacts.


Can I use neontools for free without adding a credit card?

Yes, absolutely no strings attached. You just need to verify your email address and, for certain tools, connect your Facebook™ and Instagram™ account.


How do paid plans work?

Every tool can be used for free in its basic form. You can choose to upgrade each tool individually with paid features – just add what you need in your payment plan settings.

Your paid plan is a subscription that is automatically renewed monthly. Your monthly billing cycle begins the day you make the first purchase.


How can I pay for my subscription?

To purchase a paid plan you’ll need to use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.).


Can I cancel my payment plan?

Sure – whenever you want. Once you cancel, your payment plan will not be renewed, but it will still be valid until the end of the period you paid for. You can cancel here.


Do my links still work after upgrading to a Domain Customization?

Yes! Using a custom domain does not influence that have already been created.


Can I modify my payment plan?

Sure – whenever you want. To change your payment plan, simply go to your payment plan settings and edit the number of paid features you need with the “+” and “–” signs. Some features require to be deactivated first before canceling them.


Can I have multiple neon.pages or neon.lys using the same email address?

Yes, you can create as many neon.pages and neon.lys with the same email address as you like.


Why aren’t my links showing up on my

To see changes on your after modifying something in the edit tab, you need to refresh the browser window in which you opened your


Is there any way to have my links show as a list instead of icons?

Sure, simply add links without defining an image, this way they’ll appear as text boxes.


Are themes included in the free plan?

Yes, you can use any theme you like in the free plan.

Do I see traffic/visitor data my

Yes, automatically tracks visitor data. For each visitor, you will see:

  • Referrer: The websites or apps where people clicked on your link
  • Browser: The Web Browser people used when visiting your page
  • Platform: Did they use mobile or desktop?
  • Location: The geographic location where your users come from
  • Browser Language: The language of their web browser


What is a custom domain?

A custom domain is a way to create links that include your brand, i.e. replacing “” or “” with something of your choice.

When a link includes your brand, people will associate your links with you or your company. Seeing your brand, they also trust your links, resulting in more efficient click-through rates.

For example, when Wengler shortens a link with, instead of being branded as the link shows their own custom domain (


Can I buy a custom domain via neontools?

For the now, this is not possible. You can only use custom domains that you already own. When purchasing a paid plan on neontools, you will NOT buy a custom domain. Domains have to be purchased at a DNS service provider. More info in our guide.


Can I use a custom domain for neontools AND for something else at the same time?

No, this is not recommended. For the best experience, delete all records on your domain that are not related to neontools. In other words, you should not have records that overlap with the neontools ones.


Can I  define the page to which the custom domain without a slug of a points to?

Yes, you can. Let’s say you use “” as your custom domain. You can now create any “”, as well as define where “” itself will link to. Furthermore, you can also set an Error Page, which will be shown when people use your custom domain with a slug that does not exist (e.g. “”).


Can I  define a “fallback URL” for (a URL to where the custom domain without slug points to)?

Yes, you can. Let’s say you use “” as your custom domain. You can now create any “” short link, as well as define where “” itself will link to.


Why won’t my custom domain verify?

It might take some time for your domain to verify. If nothing happens after a certain time, refresh the page. However, if your domain is not verified after around an hour, make sure that you’ve set your DNS records correctly, as explained here.


Will my links/neon pages stop working if I change or cancel my custom domain?

Yes, but not immediately. Once you cancel your paid plan with custom domains, your links and neon pages will continue to work until the last day of your billing cycle. After that, your links and pages will still be displayed as “untitled/xyxyxy” in your account.

They will not work anymore but are stored in case you want to re-use them with another domain. To re-assign your links and pages to a custom domain you can either reactivate the same custom domain you’ve used before, or you can open the edit tab of your link and click on the “Use custom domain” field, then choose another domain and you’re done.


Why do I need to connect to Facebook™ and Instagram™ to use some of the tools?

The data provided by the Hashtag Analyzer, Social Audit and Interest Browser tool comes directly from Facebook™’s and Instagram™’s official business account API. Connecting your account, therefore, ensures a secure connection and data flow and allows us to NOT use shady tactics to get the data from Facebook™.


I can’t connect my Instagram™ account.

Is your Instagram™ account a creator or business account? Instagram™ only let’s us connect these types of accounts. Here’s how to turn your normal account into a creator or business account.

Another problem could be that you didn’t choose your Instagram™ account in the Facebook™ pop-up that displays after clicking “Connect with Facebook™”. On the “Which Instagram™ Business accounts do you want to use with” screen, you need to check the ones you want to use before clicking next.

A last issue might be that you didn’t give neontools the permissions it needs on the last screen of the Facebook™ pop-up. Make sure to give all the permissions required.

If nothing works, you can also try to disconnect Facebook™ and remove neontools permissions as describe here.

Here’s a tutorial on how to connect your social accounts.


How many hashtags can I analyze with the Hashtag Analyzer?

As many as you like.


Can I save hashtags into a list and download them as Excel file?

Yes, you can. You can create collections that act like folders to save and organize your hashtags. These collections can be downloaded as CSV and opened in Excel.


How many profiles can I analyze with Social Audit?

As many as you like.


Can I save Instagram™ accounts into a list and download them as Excel file?

Yes, you can. You can create collections that act like folders to save and organize accounts. These collections can be shared as links or downloaded as CSV and opened in Excel.


Can I analyze any Instagram™ profile?

No, unfortunately, Facebook™ only lets us analyze creator or business (i.e. public) accounts.


Why we built neontools

We built because we were overwhelmed by the number of marketing tools we were using to help our clients. The platform therefore provides all these classic and essential marketing tools in one place.


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